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Document And Media Restoration

Document And Media Restoration From Steamatic

Paper, Books, X-Rays, Microfiches, Microfilms, CDs, Tapes

Steamatic has the larger of only 2 freeze dry chambers in Canada. Vacuum Freeze Drying is the most cost effective method for handling and drying large volumes of wet documents.

Steamatic offers a broad range of document and media restoration services that include the restoration of books and other paper documents, x-rays, microfiches, microfilms, CDs, tapes, and more.

These are just some of the items that Steamatic can help recover and restore following fire, water, and even mould damage. The innovative and highly effective system we use to recover items like these typically requires heavy freezing because this prevents further damage from the existence of liquid. It is during the liquid state that water especially can damage books and paper documents. As soon as you contact Steamatic we will start with the pack-out process because timely freezing is absolutely critical in order to enjoy the best possible success in restoration and reproduction.

Once a book or other document is frozen then we can take the decision regarding which document restoration services would be most ideal in the given circumstances

When water is in its liquid state it is able to do the most damage and by freezing damaged items, the water is converted into a solid state so that the damage it can do is greatly minimised. As long as documents and media are transported and treated within 24 hours there is a very good chance that Steamatic will be able to recover a lot of the information, although depending on the severity of the damage inflicted some data loss is usual.

Another benefit to the freezing process is that it allows us the opportunity to make critical decisions regarding the recovery process. Some items may benefit from different restoration techniques but because it is so important that the items are frozen quickly, it is also important that we don’t waste time determining what to do with each item. Once a book or other document is frozen then we can take the decision regarding which document restoration services would be most ideal in the given circumstances.

In most cases, especially when dealing with paper documents and books, the frozen items are warmed whilst in their solid state and as the solid state liquid (ice) melts it is then turned into vapour. The gaseous vapour is then collected and is not allowed to return to a liquid state, this preventing any further damage or erosion to the documents in question. This has proven time and time again to be the most effective document recovery solution garnering the best results.

Steamatic will also remove or remediate mould and mildew from books and other documents. Mould is not only unhealthy for people but can “eat” away at the books and other organic material leaving your prized possessions in tatters. What’s more, the mould spores can travel and spread the mould from one location to another if they are disturbed.

If you have any documents or media that has suffered water, fire, or smoke damage or that you believe has been infected by mould contact Steamatic as soon as possible so that we can start the process quickly and save as much information from your items as possible.