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Hard Surface Cleaning

Steamatic is one of the most efficient and effective hard surface cleaning companies in the industry, thanks to a combination of state of the art equipment and the best training.

Steamatic uses a turbo vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for cleaning tile floors.

More and more materials are being used in the flooring around our homes. Rather than either carpets or linoleum tiles, an increasing number of households and businesses have tiled floors made of stone, ceramic, porcelain, and vinyl. While some of these products can be cleaned to a degree using standard household cleaning products, these tend to leave a soapy residue that in turn will attract more dirt and more stains. For this reason, it is strongly advised that you use a professional tile cleaning service like Steamatic to help remove all of the traces of dirt and grime.

The floor is typically the dirtiest area of the home because we walk in from outside and tread dirt and other debris into the home on the bottom of our shoes and feet. No matter how effectively you think you’ve cleaned your feet or how effectively you believe you’ve cleaned the floor, without the use of professional tile cleaning equipment it is highly unlikely that you have removed all of the dirt.

Steamatic uses a turbo vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed for cleaning tile floors. As well as the tiles, grouting is a real attraction to dirt and dust but can prove difficult to clean properly. With Steamatic tile and grout cleaning services you can be assured that your entire floor is as clean as possible. The turbo vacuum has a very low profile design which enables it to get in under kick boards and even some of the household appliances and furniture that you might not be able to move conveniently or easily. The vacuum doesn’t scrub or mop so dirt isn’t ground further into the floor or spread around the room, it is instead lifted and completely removed making our hard surface cleaning the most effective method to clean your floors.

Professional tile cleaning from Steamatic can also remove dirt from micro scratches. These are miniature scratches that appear in all forms of floor tiles and collect dirt and even bacteria. Standard tile and grout cleaning methods won’t fully remove this dirt so it will continue to collect and build up until you call Steamatic.